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主演:卡琳·甘比尔 碧姬·莱尔 Pascale Vital Nadine Pascal  


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qyule tv Madame Yanne is still a very young widow of an officer. She takes care of her pretty nieces Florentine and Juliet,. who are currently living out their lesbian obsessions and are currently more engaged with each other than turning their heads around the lusty male world. As a stallion, Farmhand qyule tv 185Erik was only too happy to jump at the two nieces. Inspector Simon has long been keeping an eye on Florentine and not only 174wants to get her to bed, but even mqyule tv 185arry. Mrs. Colonel would like to tes.t his qualities as a lover in the horizontal for her niece. Al207so for Julia Yannes, a painter, is the suitable husband in the field of vision but she would like to test once before, whether he cqy.ule tv 185ould make her happy in the future.

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